Yes but.........in this upside down world of Canada woke today people are in very real danger of being involved in extremely expensive court cases for simply offering an opinion and some have already been jailed without trial for example the Freedom convoy. We also only need to look at all the Doctors and Nurses loosing their creds and being suspended even when evidence shows they are in the right. Veterans being disgraced and in one recent case a hero presently under court martial for again simply offering an opinion.

Such is life today under the communist like government that is in total control of this country, we live in the day of the "Thought Police" 1984 has come and gone this is the new world order .

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Excellent letter. Terry Glavin has written at length about the incompetence or the bad faith, or both, of the Canadian MSM in reporting this story.

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Thank you again, Michelle, for another insightful and articulate letter, although I would be greatly surprised if you receive a response that is worthy of your efforts.

“When a great genius appears in the world you may know him by this sign; that the dunces are all in confederacy against him." Jonathan Swift

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Nov 18, 2023·edited Nov 18, 2023

Good letter- cheers!

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I want you to know that I met with DENE ELDERS North of Wabasca-Desmarais Alberta in a hidden wooden Longhouse. I was nineteen years old. I asked the head of this group of sacred men (about 15 older gentlemen),

"why did you take your families off the reservation(s) forfeiting the little bit of government money to live deep in the bush?

He told me, supported by the others, "To avoid the Census Taker".

I was surprised at this statement though I was told earlier at University of Calgary, where on campus, I obtained my government-issued Social Security Number.

Since I went so long without a SSN students around me in line told me I should not apply. The small crowd agreed. This caused me to reflect. I did obtain one, though the reflection back to this incident caused me to listen hard to this old Dene man and 'prick up my ears'.

"Why I said? What is wrong with the Census Takers? "

He seemed so surprised by my question; I could not help noticing. He responded,

"We don't want them taking our children!"

"Government taking your children?" I said completely floored.

"Where are they taking them." I asked

"They are taking them to other peoples homes and schools far away from us."

As told by Donna Tkachuk Blanco OCT from Travels with Mary 1970

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Michelle Stirling is a nice lady and a serious researcher. But she doesn't get the academic treachery or the pettifogging illogic, even of the sophomoric variety of Sean Carleton. In her letter to the Human Rights Research Centre of Manitoba she accuses Carleton and his grad student of "cherry picking" examples of journalist mistakes involving allegations of "mass grave" discoveries. Quote:

STIRLING: They claim that “…factual errors by journalists and media outlets are not uncommon, especially in the rush to report on a developing story outside of a reporter’s area of expertise.”

The authors then cherry-picked a few such examples to prove their point.

TO DIFFER: The boys made their point with tons of examples. But their point about journalistic errors; subsequently allegedly corrected; disguised more than one "red herring". The first red herring is Carleton's assertion of quote POTENTIAL UNMARKED GRAVES. But nobody talked about unmarked graves being "potential" until well after it was explained, more than once, that Ground Penetrating Radar doesn't reveal either actual graves or actual remains. The initial report was actually about "remains" allegedly "confirmed" by a ground penetrating radar specialist and the "remains" had been found in actual (not potential) "unmarked graves" (May 27, 2021). When Murray Sinclair went on television on June 1st, 2021, it was allegedly BODIES found in unmarked graves, with more to come. He repeated the allegation of BODIES in actual (not potential) unmarked graves before an emergency meeting of the parliamentary committee of Indigenous and Norther Affairs two days later where he admitted receiving a call from Kamloops concerning the R.C.M.P. wanting to investigate the allegation of "remains/bodies" in (actual; not potential) unmarked graves. Sinclair said the R.C.M.P. were acting in a "ham handed" and/or "intimidating" manner, especially with Sarah Beaulieu who had been "scared" by their tactics. So he had counselled her and others to engage legal counsel so they wouldn't be, quote, "mistreated going forward." [Inan 39; Witness Testimony; page 12; Section 1225 - 1230] A false inference which is suggested by the phrase "mistreated going forward" would be that Beaulieu was "mistreated" going backward by the R.C.M.P.'s allegedly "ham handed" tactics. She, almost certainly, was treated nicely by the Mounties. But to be certain about Carleton's sophomore sophistry, quote


In the two years since the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation’s 2021 announcement about the location of 215 POTENTIAL UNMARKED GRAVES at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School, a number of priests, pundits, and politicians have downplayed and questioned the validity of the findings. Some have declared the news of POTENTIAL UNMARKED GRAVES at many former residential school sites sites across Canada to be a “huge lie” (Zoledziowski, 2021). Others insist that mainstream media, the federal government, and First Nations have conspired to created a “hoax” by misrepresenting the news of POTENTIAL UNMARKED BURIALS sites as a “mass grave” to shock and guilt Canadians into caring about Indigenous Peoples and reconciliation (The Canadian Mass Grave Hoax, 2021).... we — as academic researchers — decided to investigate the claims of a media conspiracy and fact-check them against the evidence of what was actually reported in Canada. ... [YADDETY YADDETY YAK] ...

So the "potential unmarked grave" reference is Carleton's first red herring. His second red herring, to wit, a so-called "media conspiracy" (above) is underscored with his conclusion, quote


This report debunks the “mass grave hoax.” The claims of a conspiracy or cover-up being deliberately orchestrated by mainstream media, government, and First Nations is not supported by the evidence. It is true ... [Yaddety etc. etc.]

But nobody, with an I.Q. above 50, has claimed that the "mainstream media" or "government" has been involved in "orchestrating" a mass grave hoax. TO THE CONTRARY, it is the media and government who have been hoaxed by native activists and their fellow "allies" like Carleton and his buddy Niigan Sinclair --- Murray Sinclair's baby boy --- who has a seriously invested interest in his daddy not being convicted of defrauding the Canadian public in collusion with whoever phoned him from Kamloops on June 3rd, 2021. Quite often, serious fraud artists, like Murray Sinclair, are required to pay large fines when convicted of fraud, which would seriously deplete the younger Sinclair's actually POTENTIAL inheritance. But, back to Niigan's activist academic colleague, Sean-Settler-Carleton:- Talk about getting "things" all backwards: Sophomoronic-Sean, can't make the correct distinction between "hoaxing" and being "hoaxed"! Thus his second obscurantist red herring.

Michelle Stirling's references to WHAT residential schools actually were, according to Mark Carney's dad and her own Southern Alberta research, and her 92 page pdf attachment to her letter, which begins with, quote:

STIRLING: Canada is in the grip of a ‘mass grave/missing children’ psychosis related to Indian Residential Schools.

is almost as obscurantist as Carleton's red herrings, with respect to the actual ongoing fraud against the Canadian tax paying public. Stirling's 92 pages (I read them all; Fine Report) and more than 40 thousand words entirely misses the point of Sinclair's and his non-psychotic AFN friends fraud on the Canadian public. Amateur psychology and references to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder simply don't "cut it" with respect to convicting actual fraud artists like Sinclair, Littlechild, Roseanne Casimir of Kamloops and Cadmus Delorme of Cowessess, along with lesser co-conspirators like Kimberly Murray, who would much prefer that Michelle Stirling go to jail for "denial" than herself going to jail for being the actual fraud artist that she is, in fact and in law.

Kevin James Byrne

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Thank you, Michelle.

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