Slavery was not finally stopped in Turkey until well after the fall of the Ottomans, in 1924. In Persia, which in the same period became Iran, slavery was not abolished until 1929.

The Woke slavery meme is basically a lazy fraud pulled on gullibles who simply do not understand that until the industrial revolution, it was a normal practice in most parts of the world and needs to be put into some kind of comparative framework against industrial working and living conditions in the emerging industrial cities in the first 30-40 years of the nineteenth century

More, Western African states were completely hooked on the slave trade. The African rulers were in effect a slave mafia who used their own security forces to raid their neighbors for slaves to meet contract requirements....and would take their own if there weren't enough people caught up in the external dragnets. It was the European imperialists that finally and permanently shut down the trade by putting its main African beneficiaries out of business and introducing the rule of law and the fundamentals of habeas corpus.


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No one can define the specifics of "decolonialization." The dictionary definition says "to withdraw from a colony, leaving it independent." Obviously, the new meaning is different, but what is it exactly? At a recent conference I attended, an indigenous speaker told everyone "colonization does not work for us." He didn't say exactly why, but mentioned under colonization there was limited access to "our traditional medicines, our language, and our traditional ways of life." "When we walk the city streets, we feel we do not belong," he said. He spoke through an electronic microphone.

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Excellent post. It was African kings who organized the capture of slaves and their sale to coastal European traders. Nothing the woke claim has veracity.

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"Religion of Peace"TM.

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Great article, thank you.

‘ It is not the bones of the old house that are rotten; it is that some of its inhabitants now scorn the roof under which they peacefully slumber.’

I would add that the war on epistemology & the discernment of ‘meaning’ (via objective standards & rational faculties) had removed the vital ‘marrow’ from those ‘bones of the old house’. The post modern Deconstruction warfare prepared the ground, turning vitalized living knowledge traditions & customs into dead insects displayed in glass cases. Denying them as universal living vessels of meaning for past, present & future generations to come. That marrow was the lifeblood. Progressive education removed it. Dry bones are brittle, prone to damage. The can not hold.

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The official CRT policy from the Marxist inspired woke anti-church Trudeau regime


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