Great article. Glad to be able to add some more Canadian names to my list of people to follow that are fighting the good fight against this.

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This institutionalized sexual grooming is not normal behavior inside a stable society with strong traditions of high integrity conduct. But it is also not normal in the sense that is the kind of behavior one starts to see when a society is heading towards civil war.

The Woke Ascendancy that runs the system of social reproduction and social administration has become extremely insecure as its ideological propositions have become more tendentious (and questioned) in the tradition of banking collateral debt obligations that characterized the run up to the near-death experience of the international banking system in 2008; i.e., massively overleveraged debt instruments whose underlying securities were junk grade.

The Woke are in the same position, but to save themselves, what they have to do is run a coup against their opponents by all out attacking their fundamental civilizational and sexual reproductive narratives, using minorities as political trump cards, in order to both discredit them and 'run them out of town'.... which is what is happening.

The result is a new type of totalitarianism with nominally democratic institutions that are governanced by an oligarchy, that operates an institutionally decentralized dictatorship and that does not tolerate dissidence.

But this dictatorship is so actively offensive and intrusive, it will force people into having to make the choice to enter into armed struggle in order to disestablish it, and re-establish an effectively democratic society.

It will come to this.

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Woke ideology gets a pass because it supposedly serves minorities, even if it represents sexual perversion in front of young school children.

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