Igor writes: “So what the MoE is supporting, although they won’t admit it, is drastically increasing the odds that gender confused kids (tomboys, girlyboys, or kids with homosexual feelings) will end up on the road to transitioning. This is of course what the activists want.” I think self-serving politicians hide from controversial issues, which is the activists were able to capture schools.

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Yes, another head in the sand political copout by our feckless, invertebrate, "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, politicians. As tempting as it is to say, "sound off like you got a pair" we must conclude that gender affirmation surgery has already made it impossible for them to do this. Perhaps it is time to change the name "Ministry of Education" to "Misery of Education" to capture its real impact.

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The worst Education Minister in Ontario history is allowing woke school boards to institute idiotic policies. Parents need to take back control since the government has given up.

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In the UK the Cass Report investigated the Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) following it's prosecution by Keira Bell. One of the important findings included that only 2.5% of those attending did not have any other associated problems. 70% of referrals found more that 5 associated features such as abuse, depression, self-harm and 35% had Autistic Spectrum Disorder. 25% were in the care system (source: Hannah Barnes "Time to Think")

If it were really the case that schools were interested in "Protecting Trans Kids" the fact that these comorbidities are so prevalent means that safeguarding must include telling those who take care of the child for the rest of the 18 hours of the day when they are not at school. If they were self-harming for example on school property would the parents not be told?

The mask slips, it shows that what they are really interested in is isolating the most vulnerable children.

The argument that parents will be upset is moot. I think most parents would be upset because they know that the best possible outcome for their child is radical self acceptance and comfort in their own skin. Gender Dysphoria has many parallels with Anorexia in that it is the physical expression of a self-loathing pain. Yet no one would think to say to the parent of an anorexic child that they need to be "affirmed", did they want a skinny kid or a dead one and that they are too fat and a gastric bypass is what they need to be "their true self".

When the Halton District School Board's protocols for keeping secrets involve falsifying documents and mandating teachers to lie and not just by omission but in writing on school documentation we are in dangerous territory. The Tavistock's class-action suit has in excess of 1000 people bearing in mind they treated a total of 19000 that's a poor metric.

I was reminded of the song by Sinead O'Connor "Through their own words, they will be exposed. They got a severe case of the Emperor's New Clothes".

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Both the Minster for Health and the Minister for Education have sloughed off crucial duties to lower administrative bodies. Groups like the OHRC (Ontario Human Rights Commission) invent drastic policies like allowing boys in the little girls room in schools and elsewhere, creating social havoc . We did not elect them! Elected officials - DO YOUR JOBS!

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The gov't did this with COVID mandates, too...they left it up to the school boards......

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Our healthcare system is so broken & corrupted : (

It's corrupting our youth too! Each one who transitions provides millions to big pharma!

We wrote an article about the crippled state of the Canadian healthcare system:


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