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Really interesting to see the language used by the GDAAY (Gender Diversity and Affirming Action for Youth) program to describe the "journey" of the 10-year-old trans kid in question (see https://goodbear.ca/foundation-families/marys-story/):

<< Mary, the dancer, singer, and dreamer, moves forward with grace, supported by the love and care of her family and the medical expertise at Children’s Hospital. Her story is not just one of personal triumph but a testament to the power of understanding, compassion, and unwavering support. Mary’s journey shows that the community around a child can play an important role in paving the way for their improved quality of life through a life lived authentically. >>

Her story is one of "personal triumph" -- ?? At 10 years old ??

And what does "Mary" herself have to say?

<< Despite the challenges, Mary envisions a future aligned with her true self. She dreams of a world where her body reflects her identity, eagerly anticipating the day her doctors allow her to take hormones that will aid her transition. Even at age 10, the prospect of a future boyfriend worries her, wondering if or at what phase of dating she’ll need to disclose her journey. And she worries, a little, about never having a baby – but says her plans to be a famous actress won’t allow time to be a mom anyway.

Through it all, Mary finds solace in her family, her mom and dad serving as heroes. The pink walls of her room, adorned with fairies, creates a sanctuary where Mary can be herself. >>

Well, at least someone has told her that she won't likely be able to have a baby -- and that worries her "a little" -- but hey, she's so pragmatic, so MATURE at 10, that she knows she'll be too busy as a famous actress to want a baby anyway . . .

While they say that they don't do gender-related surgeries at Children's Hospital (see their disclaimer), they -- and their young patients -- have certainly drunk the Kool-Aid!

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Criticism. Your video needs to keep your audience engaged by not relying on text abbreviations. You seem to jump from story to story without cohesiveness.

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