A testament to the power of one and a beacon of hope to a society visually impaired by cognitive myopia. Thank you Carolyn for your brave and progressive actions.

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I am most grateful to N. Invictus for mentioning me in the same breath as Carolyn and Chanel: “Teachers like Carolyn Burjoski, Chanel Pfahl, and Jim McMurtry are exemplars. Open your eyes, teachers! Look up to these heroes and stop sheepishly believing, adapting, following, and imposing all the top-down ideological policies on your students.”

From the beginning I saw teachers line up like elephants in a parade behind the dumbest fads, such as knocking down classroom walls (“open-classroom concept”) and throwing out spelling books. So many ideas that are top-down are indeed ideological and serve the careers of high-paid school leaders and seldom the interests of children. Woke equity/communism or D.I.E. may be the dumbest of all.

Chanel and I will likely never teach again, so I understand teachers who stay in the parade. But look what Carolyn has accomplished. With her precedent, she has given all teachers better protection against the woke mob.

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Excellent. Carolyn is a genuine Canadian hero. This ruling puts all Canadian school boards (and authoritarian busybody activists) on notice that weaponizing 'human rights' codes to shut people up is a non-starter.

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Thanks, N. Invictus. I second your thanks to Carolyn and would like to also thank Judge Ramsay:

“What happened here should not happen in a democratic society,” Ontario Superior Court Justice James Ramsay said in the case of now-retired teacher Carolyn Burjoski. . . .“The Human Rights Code does not prohibit public discussion of issues related to transgenderism or minors and transgenderism. It does not prohibit public discussion of anything."

Another name we should acknowledge here (along with Jim and Chanel) is the late Richard Bilkszto.

So I guess Carolyn Burjoski's defamation case will proceed, which means she's really just getting started on this legal nightmare. I wish her strength and support her all the way.

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Yess - cheers!


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