Perhaps older folks such as me can see the rot spreading faster than the younger ones which is why my wife and I started to teach our own grandchildren simple math and reading and writing skills at a very early age, we at least noticed the absolutely terrible teaching habits resulting in our little ones learning virtually no life skills. Today they are well on their way to success as mature adults with very little thanks to the educational system.

The truth will set you free is something I have always strongly believed in and I believe the saying I once was blind but now I see. Perhaps one day the woke and nasty LGB2Q alphabet variety that spew garbage will learn that.

I should note that my wife and I are not educators in that we have degrees in fact I only managed a grade 9 as I had to leave school to work, my wife managed grade 13 however we have both read every book that our schools have banned recently and continue to be avid readers of historical fact and decent literature, even in our 70,s we have inquiring minds and a thirst for truth.

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“After attempts to shame, cancel, and erase our history, our founding fathers, our heroes, our Head of State, our heritage, our books, our culture and our religions, the spotlight has now turned towards parents, our family values, our way of life, and our upbringing.”

We saw that at the protests Wednesday over gender and sex indoctrination in schools. There is also an assault on New Canadians. The small woke minority that runs our institutions needs to be run out of power.

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The Queen was seemingly the last adult left on earth. When she died, the last remaining restraints on politicians were removed and we are seeing the results more and more.

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The Queen was a symbol of stability in the common wealth countries whose importance can only be measured by its absence. Anarchy is no substitute for a monarchy. Trudeau is not a realistic visionary and his immature ideologies has created a reign of error that can only be stopped by the intellectually mature adults who oppose him. The parents revolt is a very welcome and optimistic development that signals hope for a very dysfunctional government.

“Peoples do not judge in the same way as courts of law; they do not hand down sentences, they throw thunderbolts; they do not condemn kings, they drop them back into the void; and this justice is worth just as much as that of the courts.”

― Maximilien Robespierre

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Canadians got rolled over because a lot of us were scratching our heads, saying, “How can they believe in these things?: ‘zhim, zhe, zhey’; cutting off healthy body parts of children; allowing a “genocide” to be declared to come up with an excuse for the Indig abuse and neglect of children (there is NO excuse for the abuse of children and NO excuse for neglect when all your bills are paid); and all free speech curtailed as ‘hate speech’ not just in their ‘safe spaces’ but everywhere people speak.

But this is not about a difference in beliefs. They don’t believe in ANYTHING. They never did. They’re just running terrified from each other—-that somebody will point out one of them is not progressive enough and they’ll be attacked by their Borg.

Because they don’t believe in anything, they’re bulletproof…When we get a new govt, when the pendulum has finally swung away from Canada trying to look most special in the world, in our “post national state” under Trudeau’s dyed Rogaine hair and wrinkle-free skin, these same people will just jump onto the next trend and start bullying there, running from their new Borg, whatever flag.

These protests are the beginning of a revolution; but screaming matches between protesters and counter-protesters are a very late, very ineffective starting point. We’ve got to get in there with LOGiC as soon as the bullshit starts. Like: There are males and females and a continuum from one to the other that is so large and inclusive, EVERYBODY is in there, always has been. Gays and lesbians got their hard-earned rights a long time ago and that’s very important; but all this screaming about Trans ‘rights’ is total identity politics kaka, aided and abetted by doctors, teachers running scared from their Progressive Borg, and some Borg parents wanting to have the first transgender kid on the block and sacrificing their kid on this altar.

And now we’ve got little kids who think genitals are LEGO toys you snap in and out, that it doesn’t matter what washroom you use as long as you’re screaming for the right of the wrong person to be in there. And young people who have been trained for at least 20 years to keep their heads down and their mouths shut—-unless they’re willing to back up the prevailing fashion trend, no matter how ludicrous.

It’s going to take a concerted effort, first step understanding these people don’t believe in ANYTHING, but keeping themselves safe from their own finger-pointing of not being progressive enough. So don’t cut them any slack. Dissect every ‘idea’, cooly, logically, immediately, publicly. Work to get the kids thinking again because they’re sitting ducks now, and they are the future.

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I fought many anti-educational policies over many years, and recently the lies about residential schools.

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All the "Divine Right of Kings" people were murdered by mobs. Talk about being "cancelled". Heads chopped. Gunned down. Run out of town before Weimar. Yet the "D.G. Regina" or "D.G. Rex" family of Hanover, then Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and finally Windsor keeps rolling along by the Grace of God, rather than by "divine right" or the alleged "evictions" of strange denizens of Edmonton, Alber-duh, Canad-uh. WOW, the Queen was "hot" when she was young --- and VIRTUOUS throughout the rest of her life. Wonderful woman --- even better than the first Elizabeth, who was quite a "gal" herself.

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I sent the wretched queen of the UGLE her eviction notice just days before her death.

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