Lands of Canada Acknowledgement:

(First draft footer for all email correspondence.)

I/we would like to thank those settlers and newcomers who brought their science, knowledge, skills, trade, craft, art, music, tools, daring, courage and determination to forge a new prosperity in harmony with our Earth, here in what is now known as the continent of North America, owned by no one in particular but the people who inhabit, pay taxes for the services provided by the industries built for the betterment and quality of life we enjoy; from: hospitals, schools, road and rail to hydro, wind and heat keeping our families warm and last but not least our military who stand on guard for thee. "God keep our land glorious and free...

In all thy sons command."

- Long Live the King!

Yes, indeed.

PS - Feel at liberty to substitute "Kallipolis" for 'Kanada' 😉

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Wonderful article. As a Canadian (now an Australian) I know Canadians can be too nice. Now, is not the time with children being indoctrinated at kindergarten level, loss of parental rights and the horrors children will face for the rest of their lives after cosmetic experimental butchery with dangerous puberty blockers & hormones with side-effects for the rest of their lives. This also includes sterility, loss of sexual orgasm, problems peeing, growths in the brain, bone thinning, early menopause, etc. etc. Hitler allowed his doctors to experiment on both Jewish and imperfect (mentally disable) German Children. And the horror is back!

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