Today the majority of Canadians with any common sense and a desire to find out the actual truth of the matter are well aware that there was no such thing as a genocide against school children despite what is being said in the house of ill repute in Ottawa where lies seem to be the order of the day propagated by the so called liberal and NDP members.

It would serve the indigenous members well to do some of their own historical research regarding the so-called settlers & colonials from the United Kingdom . They might learn for instance that prior to 1838 there was no schooling for any children provided except for the rich & elite when Parliament recognized this and enacted a schooling program against the wishes of the Church of England who believed only bible classes need be taught to the poor.

This entire program of so-called Truth & Reconciliation is a giant fraud that we as taxpayers are being forced to pay for so lets face facts that as yet not one case of murder against school children has been uncovered let alone proved and yet the money keeps flowing.

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Genocide is clearly false.

Good article.

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Nina Green asks, “In this case, ‘what happened’ was a system put in place and maintained in place by the federal government of Canada, in other words, every Member of Parliament, Senator, and Governor-General in Canada’s illustrious history from 1867 to 1996, including Canada’s first indigenous MP and Senator, Len Marchand. Are all those thousands of people to be convicted of genocide because as the federal government of the day they were responsible for ‘what happened’?” Of course not, but our parliamentarians unanimously supported a motion of genocide for offering free education in boarding schools to small, nomadic communities.

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