Not at all surprising it is the cult of the Indians today the "Gimee Gimee " cult those seeking Billions of tax payer $ from those that do work for a living and it is never going to end.

Allow me to tell you a truthful fact on residential schools, my brother in law just received a $10,000 gift from the Govt for attending such a school at a far north location, he is white his parents are Canadian born not indian not metis just a plain old settler. This school educated hundreds of Canadian children as well as Indian so all attended and all got the 10k I might add that he stated it was a wonderful school and everyone enjoyed going there he is my age 75. Time enough stop the BS tell the truth for cryin out loud.

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Kind of like the almost completely fabricated story about Chanie Wenjack

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I work in a school and knew this was BS from day one...I never partake in it.... tomorrow I will wear black..... the admin will probably come and give me a Every Child Matters pin to wear since I have not bought into this narrative...... they started the orange shirts around the school since first day of school this year, already....it never effin' ends.....

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A giant industry sucking taxpayer dollars and creating zero value. Also anti-historical.

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Sounds like Phyllis accepted a lucrative contract to spin yarns about those mean old nuns and those "nasty" residential schools. Time to reconcile the truth!

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That was a very informative article which explains all the "real truths" about orange shirt day. Having had the opportunity of reading so many enlightening articles I have come to appreciate the art of indigenous embellishment, victim hood, distorted truths, entitlement and most obvious, appropriation. Truth and reconciliation was borrowed from apartheid South Africa and genocide from the Jewish Shoah. Surely they could have come up with something more original. As for Boarding School rules. My wife attended a Catholic boarding school for four years. As was required of the time, uniforms had to be worn and only English or French could be spoken. Thousands of people have had similar experiences without the slightest outcry of injustice. Why is that, I wonder ???

"The predator wants your silence. It feeds their power, entitlement, and they want it to feed your shame." - Viola Davis

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Perhaps her memory was triggered by watching The Blues Brothers...


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I read most of this article on Phyllis recounting. Yes our children are being indoctrinated and it will not stop folks. If it didn't dawn on anyone yet - school IS indocrination UNLESS on their door is posted HONOUR a child's integrity. We treat a human being as who they are a human being." That means past kindergarten into HIGH SCHOOL where the crap really happens. This is a smooth well-oiled and currently lucrative industry. I have a good slant on all of this. I myself went to a very religious boarding school that some might offer as a 'nice place'. For me with decades separateing me from that crazy-making place- it still remains 'right up there' as the most awful experience I ever had in 'school' and I had my share of other ones to select from.

I also for a time lived on a reservation in northern Alberta. Kind, generous, crazy, dangerous, loving, poor poor people who kept food, fish, game on the table but with nothing in the cupboards. I also met the Dene who lived in the bush far from shops and access to electricity. Forfeiting any government shell outs to keep their children safe and away from The Census Taker.

I want you to stop please. Stop maligning this lady. The TRUTH is that all these children you see in front of those RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS are already ORPHANS as are their parents, and their parents parents. Orphans why? Because greed destroyed hunting grounds, took their parents lives, dismembered their culture. Don't also think I am liked by some indigenous people either. I do think the residential school news is too heavily weighted into ONE big ugly event that did the deed.

This pulls the focus away from for example, a disgusting Treaty Day Money dole-out. How much do you these people received from government?

"Finally I though to myself at the age of 19 years, these people will get some money to help them out."

How much was it?


FIVE DOLLARS and TIMBER Rights but guess what - NO MILL!

Think ORPHANS and we will be closer to the truth. Please stop slamming the lady. Leave her alone.

Plenty of energy you can put to good use going after: DEVELOPERS. REAL CROOKS. POLITICIANS. Helping the Planet? Thanks for reading.

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The school was at Churchill

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Acts of kindness that occur within a system wholly dedicated to the erasure of everything that made a person does not mean that person should stop talking about that system.

You wouldn’t ask a Rwandan survivor to include every act of kindness in their telling. You wouldn’t ask a Chinese businessman to recount every act of kindness in his time in an re-education camp during the cultural revolution. We can easily see that those were bad things that caused an incredible amount of suffering that ripples out for generations to come.

I came to Canada when I was 11 and felt compelled to erase my culture. I lost my accent in 6 months and the person I was died. It’s taken decades to deal with that, I almost lost everything many times and have had to rebuild from nothing over and over again.

No one should have to experience that and when someone does, we should do everything we can to bring them back into a place of belonging.

If you don’t want to do that, you have to ask yourself why that person doesn’t deserve a place in your world.

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Rituals of white/Canadian guilt....which "just happen" to turn into employment opportunities for various indigenous groups and their allies. It is so clearly a power strategy---doesn't anyone notice that NO "racist" and "oppressive" Canadian institutions are being dismantled? No Western ideas are being rejected--just being replaced with the new, correct heroes to run them and inspire us.

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Take careful note of the Recommendations of the Deschenes Report (1968) into the issue of possible War Criminals living in Canada.


It does seem clear to me that 98-year old Hunka is being used as a political pawn. While I am very much a supporter of both Rebel News and The Epoch Times, it does appear as thought they have conducted very little research before strongly implying that Hunka was a Nazi or a war criminal.


It has been my experience that men tend to join the same battalions as their buddies, and give no thought to political issues. The Ukrainian HOLODOMOR where 4 million Ukrainians were starved to death ended in 1933, and WW-2 began in 1939. All that is clear is that many Ukrainians joined NATIONALIST battalions to fight against Russia.


In the case of the Galician Division there was a signed agreement with Himmler when it was integrated into the Waffen-SS that they would NOT fight against any of the Western Allied forces. How many Italian immigrants fought against the Allies during WW-2 ??? How about the WALLOON (Belgian) regiment, or the Indian Division, and numerous other WAFFEN-SS Divisions?




EXTRACT (pages 10-11, Deschennes Report Recommendations)


56· The Galicia Division (l4. Waffengrenadierdivision der SS [gal. Nr.

I]) should not be indicted as a group. (p. 261)


57- The members of the Galicia Division were individually screened for

security purposes before admission to Canada. (p. 261)


58- Charges of war crimes against members of the Galicia Division have

never been substantiated, neither in 1950 when they were first

preferred, nor in 1984 when they were renewed, nor before this

Commission. (p. 261)


59- Further, in the absence of evidence of participation in or knowledge

of specific war crimes, mere membership in the Galicia Division is

insufficient to justify prosecution. (p. 261)


60- No case can be made against members of the Galicia Division for

revocation of citizenship or deportation since the Canadian

authorities were fully aware of the relevant facts in 1950 and

admission to Canada was not granted them because of any false

representation, or fraud, or concealment of material circumstances.


61- In any event, of the 217 officers of the Galicia Division denounced by

Mr. Simon Wiesenthal to the Canadian government, 187 (i.e., 86 per

cent of the list) never set foot in Canada, 11 have died in Canada, 2

have left for another country, no prima facie case has been established against 16 and the last one could not be located. (p. 261) .


• View CP32-52-1986-1-eng.pdf (PDF, 8.48 MB).

• View CP32-52-1986-2-eng.pdf (PDF, 8.71 MB).

• View CP32-52-1986-3-eng.pdf (PDF, 8.26 MB).

• View CP32-52-1986-4-eng.pdf (PDF, 7.74 MB).

• View CP32-52-1986-5-eng.pdf (PDF, 767 KB).


Yes, the Liberals did screw-up big time on this one, but there is ZERO EVIDENCE against Hunka.


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There are many titles by Phyllis Webstad on Amazon, and it’s worth noting that following the success of 2018’s *The Orange Shirt Story*, a 2019 adaptation titled “Phyllis’s Orange Shirt” was produced where the scary-looking nuns were removed from the front cover art – likely to make it more suitable for younger children (it’s suggested for 4-6 year-olds), though perhaps it was also a correction of sorts. Most of the inside illustrations appear to be the same, though the text has been simplified.

On Amazon, the original (2018) book is suggested for 7-10 year-olds.

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Wondering if you have a source for the Mission becoming a hostel only by the time Webstad was there - online, I am only seeing the fed takeover date in 1969, with it still being referred to as “the school” until closure in 1981.

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