Wokes believe in justification by faith alone, & that does not require consonant good works to concretely manifest & validate that faith in the world.

So, having faith in their assertions is enough to legitimate them.

If some indigenous tribal leader has 'a knowing' about the murder by nuns & priests in a residential school of a 'lost' tribal child, that is the truth of it, in the same way that 'a knowing' would have condemned a woman for witchcraft in English courts before around 1700.

Of course The Woke have to be just a tiny bit careful that these 'knowings' only apply to people known to be evil doers outside their charmed ideological circle.

It wouldn't do to be charged & convicted for an ordinary crime on the strength of just a 'knowing' by someone not in possession of special mystical knowledge/magical powers that 'we all agree on' in advance.

"Isn't that right children?"

"Yes Miss!".

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"Totalitarian" is a good word to describe the woke insistence on uniformity of speech and opinion. It conjures Stalinism, as it should. What a travesty. Keep up the good fight.

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Jan 31, 2023·edited Jan 31, 2023

This will be theatrical. The protestors will try to drown out the talk. There will be drums, lots and lots of drums, and singing and screaming. Fire alarms may be pulled and there may be a bomb threat. Very few people will go, due to the intimidation factor. When the exercise of free speech is equated to violence, any measure can be justified as "self-defence." by the protestors. Best of luck!

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Woke-ism is a plague that has infected not only university academia, but elementary and highschools, who are now indoctrinating kids in this toxic ideology that produces activists that are completely brainwashed by like members of a cult, which, in fact, they are. In addition to the education field, it has also overtaken the legacy media, many arms of government, corporations and even the science and medical fields. This blind acceptance of anything deemed 'woke' or 'oppressed' is poisoning and corrupting our entire populations to think critically about and/or question anything. This is what happened during the pandemic, where doctors or scientists who challenged the 'woke' COVID narrative were silenced or had their repuations ruine. As Widdowson say any attempt to question or challenge anything related to Indigenous matters is completely forbidden. The trangender movement is an ideology on steroids, if you wll excuse the pun. How much crazier can it get when you have the president of the United States publicly endorsing the 'right' of 'transgender' children to receive gender affirming treatments and surgery-giving them cross hormonal 'therapy, or drugs like puberty blockers to stop the natural progresssion of maturity, or chopping of the breasts of 15 year olds and sterilizing and/or castrating young boys. Is there anything crazier than this? Dr. Widdowson is right, wokeism needs to be challenged and fought, but boy, it is something that it going to take many, many battles before the war is one and along the way there will be many casualties of those who decided to take this toxic ideology on.

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The woke lefties mobs must be either paid or leant brained. Their hypocrisy is astronomical & their demands unintelligently lack courage & discourse. I’m done with listening to all of them.

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That universities choose the lies of the genocide-fetish woke elite and indigenous money seekers over hard truth and facts and academic values is a scandal.

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