A very articulate, comprehensive and enlightening article illuminating the shadows of deceit behind the Residential School fraud. For those of us who have followed this shameful façade there has never been much doubt that the motivation behind it was always money, or as Elder Gilbert Abraham states, "to compensate us with a nice fat, chunky piece of money". What should be shocking to all readers is the complicity of this chicanery by our own government and the mercenary law firms exploiting it. But then again it is a well established fact that money is the root of all evil and this is the proof in the pudding. Will truth prevail in the end? Only time will tell.

"I want the truth!

You can't handle the truth!”

― Aaron Sorkin, A Few Good Men

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What is worse is our children are being lied to, manipulated both mentally and emotionally. Aboriginal people have said they will go after Canadians for 7 generations, this is hatred this is vengeance, this kind of behaviour is not acceptable in Canada. Our children are being indoctrinated in the new religion called Truth and Reconciliation, Canada is being re engineered to their liking without Canadians consent. The biggest grievance of all, is our own Prime Minister is egging the aboriginal people on, using aboriginal people directing that anger at Canadians my question is why?

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I agree entirely that not the least of the damage inflicted by the lying is "a stultifying sense of victimization and hopelessness". I'm confident that were surveys done measuring indigenous people's "happiness" before and after the TRC and MMIW (another set of lies), most would report a decline. I'm sure I would if I learned I was the survivor of a recent (or, as some believe, ongoing) genocide. Murry Sinclair and others have done a terrible, terrible thing to indigenous people, leading them to believe non-indigenous people want to harm them, if not kill them.

In addition, these "commissions" had hidden from public scrutiny the real trouble, which is the extent of violence in indigenous communities. How utterly hopeless it must feel to be trapped there watching the abusers enrich themselves.

I have read a number of diaries kept by men and women in the early days of contact. One written by Captain Barkley's wife, for example, and those of Radisson and Elizabeth Simcoe, some Jesuit diaries, among others. Anyone who imagines the lives of indigenous women were not brutal and filled with hardship and abuse needs to do some reading of these early documents.

A problem is, it would appear that it least some of the truth is going to come out. People don't like to be duped, especially when they are scammed for money. There may ultimately be a lot of hard feelings among Canadians and between groups of indigenous people. The people who have driven these hoaxes have done a great deal of harm to Canada and to relations between indigenous Canadians, and between indigenous Canadians and non-indigenous Canadians. I wish it was possible to hold them to account for what they have done.

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What an honour and delight to read an article by Pim Wiebel in that he is a wise man and a former Indian Residential School teacher. Government and media take a Manichean approach of simplistic opposites of good and bad to complex matters, and they do so less for scandal or attention or conformity to the zeitgeist than for devotion to the woke cult which seeks to undermine western societies.

Mr. Wiebel writes: "It is a little known fact that substantial numbers of non-status Indian children attended the residential schools, particularly in the early decades. In 1910, for example, half of the students at the Onion Lake Residential School were “half-breeds or white." I have a friend of 65 whose non-native brother went to a residential school and thought nothing of it. As well, many indigenous students went to public schools, and almost all still do.

The thesis of the article is that abuse in residential schools went undetected for a century then became a cause celebre. The fad will pass, but the lie of extraordinary abuse, relative to other schools, will endure. Those who revise and distort history create their own form of abuse.

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You know absolutely nothing. But your white trash supremacy sure shows, immigrant.

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