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Love it! Positive reinforcement is so needed among those chained to desks both figuratively and literally. It may well serve my letter to the Minister of Education to bring insight to the "blind" and courage to the weak.

The 'Woke Crusade' has moved across the land raping and pillaging our education like an incestuous plague of puritan, prodigal regressive display of hysteria not seen in public since the Salem Witch Trials and 1985 PMRC Hearing spearheaded by Tipper Gore to purge the land of Heavy Metal utterance and nuance. God Save the Queen from this time, trial, drivel and dreck! - Anon

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Sadly, the article is without exaggeration. An ideology of extraordinary stupidity and division is being implanted in schools.

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I agree with the writer, as well as John and Alex below, as the "newly-evangelized-woke leaders are a "plague of prodigal regressive display of hysteria" and the only way to contest wokeism is "strong, unapologetic rejection of these ideas in full." That is what I am doing. The only problem with dissenting is the mob will go after you, as it has with me. Yet there is no excuse for older teachers (of which I am one) who can fall back on a pension to stand idly by as educational values are replaced with political brainwashing.

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