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"The community activists have been well served, but no one else has." Exactly! I'm sure consultants are raking in the money too. So similar to what's happening in blue state US while the mainstream media repeats the mantra that "CRT is not taught in K-12 schools." A lie which anyone who's been near teacher education in the last 20 years must recognize since neo-Marxism in the form of Critical Pedagogy has been on the march for decades. Thanks for this important conversation!

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Handy how it rhymes with PTSD, though.

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Thirty years ago, a manager I knew would give a two-hour test to every applicant that applied for electronics technician positions. One third walked out before taking the test; they knew they could not pass it. Others failed.

More and more you will find that employers will be carefull screening job applicants. High school "graduates" who cannot read or pass a math test will not get hired. Government imposed hiring quotas will drive more jobs overseas.

When Asians find out how low our standards have become, our lucrative foreign student programs will start to disappear.

The answer to this? The provincial government has to give all parents school vouchers and let them decide which school they want to send their kids to. Even home schooling will become more attractive if the parents can cash in a voucher. Let the wokes keep what's left of the public school system.

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