Poilievre's absence from the 1 Million March was very disappointing and indicative of his timidity and unwillingness to stand for a cause that would have been a natural win for Conservatives. Today's failure to appear was what is known in soccer as an 'own goal'.

I couldn't imagine Leslyn Lewis letting the side down like this had she been leader.

It appears that Maxime Bernier is Canada's true conservative leader.

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The official mainstream reaction to the march indicates the extent of regime psychopathy & the extent to which delusional thinking has penetrated our social & existential commons. Trudeau is a red queen character straight out of 'Alice in Wonderland', where rationalised insanity is normal & institutionalised....

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I attended the protest in Kingston, not knowing what to expect because it is a large university town. Our numbers were slightly larger and more varied in age, racial and religious breakdown, but the drive by traffic was definitely in our favour. It's sad to see and hear the repeated retric that parents/grandparents concerned about their kids are called facists and hateful. They're repeating the Unions' and political narrative, but it's getting stale.

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It was inspiring to be a part of this protest today - to see people from all cultures, backgrounds, religions etc, in solidarity with other parents was very hopeful.

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Great news!

Yes, the silent majority is now vocal! Thank God for that!

I appreciate Ms. Smith’s reaction and I think that should have been the message of ALL premier’s.

The fact that JT and JMS made those statements and even participated in the counter protest is abhorrent, immature, downright wrong and a betrayal of their own people.

I think, and to be fair PP’s reaction or lack thereof is actually the RIGHT thing to do for his position. It is easy for MB from the PPC to join the group when he is not officially holding any positions.

To his credit, PP clearly commented on this issue through an interview some time ago, and stated that

a) this is a provincial issue and JT should stay out of it

b) it is the parents’ business.

His message is clear to me.

Besides, the CPC voted on policies regarding these issues in their convention. It seems to me that they are doing what the recently vocal majority wants them to do. They are just not make a scene.

And I respect that. I prefer to have policies that will be implemented.

Hope this helps those who are disappointed.

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James Pew writes on the twilight of a day of protest that saw people everywhere shouting about the grooming and organ chopping of children. I live in Surrey where a main thoroughfare was blocked for hours to accommodate the large crowd. The union antagonists kept calling us a hate group and would not engage. They are smug and close minded and now firmly in opposition to most parents.

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It was hell in Vancouver. Hell. No rainbow tears here, they won today.

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The thing that really stood out at the Sept 20th protests is that there were ZERO KIDS among the WOKE group yet they wanted to tell the mixed crowd of Parents and Kids on the other side how their children should be 'educated'.


BTW ... Transitioning does not decrease the possibility of suicide IT INCREASES IT !!!


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Great coverage of a highly significant social event. No surprise that Singh would march with the opposition. He was the first politician to accuse his country of genocide openly in Parliament. As for our drag queen loving PM, I am surprised he was able to pull his head out of his ass long enough to say anything. Poilievre's silence on this issue speaks volumes about his character. Don't expect him to be the mouse that roared. It is truly uplifting to see these parents stand up to a vulgar, denigrating and harmful government imposed policy. May the force be with them.

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What wonderful news except that Conservative Party Leader Pierre Poilievre was silent about the matter. I think he should be pressed to comment about it. I don't think he would lose much support from those who plan to vote Conservative in the next federal election and he just might gain some liberal voters too. A lot of liberals are fed up with Trudeau and also don't like what's going on in schools about gender ideology.

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It is disappointing but not surprising that the CBC and the like are party to reporting misinformation on the peaceful demonstration of parents who have their children's best interests top of mind and not those issues of radical left woke activists wanting to always take the focus. I will add however this report I just came across out of Regina is a cut above the norm from yesterday. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/sask-protests-counter-protests-over-lgbtq-rights-in-schools-draw-hundreds/vi-AA1h1oMg?ocid=socialshare

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I have a confession to make ... I often engage in pissed-off conservative signalling.

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I don't know if anyone listened to CBC's As It Happens interview last night with a trans parent, Olivier Hebert, but it was a very biased, one-sided interview. The interviewer clearly hadn't read the March4Children website, and seemingly made no effort to contact anyone representing the March organization. I sent the following complaint to As It Happens through their website. They have a full transcript of the interview up today. Here is my complaint, and I would urge anyone from the organizatio reading this, or anyone else who heard the interview, to follow suit and complain. Here's my complaint: I am writing to register a complaint about the one-sided coverage of the September 20th March4 Children event.

This is a subject that has two sides, and by interviewing only a party who presented themselves as a victim, you covered only one side.

Objective journalism covers two sides of a story. You had two options, neither of which you took:

1. To interview Olivier Hebert first, and follow that interview with a response (affording the responder the same amount of time) by a spokesperson for the 1 Million March 4 Children organization.

2. To interview a spokesperson for the 1 Million March 4 Children organization first, and follow that interview with a response by Olivier Hebert (affording them equal time).

Because you did not do this, none of Olivier Hebert’s accusations was answered in any way.

Olivier Hebert’s repeated accusation was that the March for Children supporters would deny trans and LGBT kids the chance “to be able to show up as themselves, and that not be a controversial thing.”

Had you, first, read the page of FAQs on the website of the 1 Million March for Children, you would have learned that this group made their stand on LGBTQ issues clear, and that it is a tolerant stand.

Here is their answer to the question, “Is this anti-LGBTQIA+”?

“By no means. We deeply value the rich spectrum of perspectives within the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. If you share our belief that discussion on gender ideology should be approached at age-appropriate times, we wholeheartedly invite you to stand alongside us and amplify this message.”

As you can see, their stand has to do with age-appropriateness for teaching about gender ideology, not with silencing LGBT people. By not interviewing anyone from March for Children, CBC erased their perspective. This is shoddy journalism.

Another accusation that remained unanswered, and was actually facilitated by the interviewer’s loaded question, was “Is it about children, in your view?”

Since the march was specifically about schools and children, this seemed a very biased question. And the answer, of course, was inevitable: “I think that children are an easy face for that. I don’t think that when you look at the arguments, it’s about children. Because they keep coming back to no secrets from parents. Parents have a right to know.”

Had a protest organizer been given the chance to reply, you might have had a different perspective on this. Here is what they say on their website in answer to the question, “Why do you hate teachers who are protecting children from abusive parents?”

“We unequivocally do not harbour any negative feelings towards educators. In fact, many members of our group have backgrounds as trained, certified, and respected teachers, cherished by their students.

“We firmly believe that cases of abusive parents should be promptly reported and handled by law enforcement and child protection services. Notably, in several Canadian provinces, neglecting to report suspected abuse is a criminal offense.

“Statistics consistently demonstrate that abusive parents represent a stark minority. The vast majority of parents are deeply invested in their children’s well-being, dedicating countless hours and immeasurable love since birth. They inherently desire the best for their child. Thus, we believe that not transparently sharing the content of a child’s education with their parents is a significant oversight.”

This is a complex issue with at least two sides. As It Happens presented only one. If the CBC wonders why some Canadians want it defunded, well, here is your answer.

My question to you is: Will you follow this with an interview with one of the eloquent organizers of the March4Children? That is your journalistic responsibility.

Marjorie Gann

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