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Hi there -- just a correction: I haven't worked at the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms since September of 2021 (although I have continued to work as outside counsel on Amy Hamm's case, funded by the JCCF). My law practice is called Libertas Law (www.libertaslaw.ca).


Lisa Bildy

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I have much sympathy with this website. I share your concern that basic political freedoms and elementary educational standards are being eroded. But . . . the title of this article. Just try saying it aloud: "Leaked Educator Brainwashing Toolkit, Teacher Firing & Vile AB Abo Transgender Offender Re-Arrested." How does one even begin to parse it (grammatically parse)? Should you not make even a modest attempt to live up to your own professed standards? Quintilian said it best. Authors should aim at a style that it is not only possible to understand, but impossible to misunderstand. The title of this wretched article makes Jacques Derrida look pellucid.

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Once again I'm really annoyed with Melanie's interruption of Shannon. She has great things to say but I wish she could be respectful.

Lorna Rennie

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Dec 18, 2023·edited Dec 18, 2023

You know, I always wonder if the people in media and the Establishment (in this case I guess its the police) who refer to 'Laverne' as a SHE ever second guess their actions. Does it ever occur to them that by labelling 'Laverne' as something other than a man (and they may in fact have a legal obligation to use the pronoun SHE due to Canadian law), this potentially puts people, especially kids, at risk of harm due to a misunderstanding of the nature of reality? I have seen this kind of thing before, in one case in the past year or so there was a public notice about a transgender person (male to female) in the GTA who was some kind of offender, and on the loose, with public notices asking the public for assistance, and describing the person as a woman, with an associated photo that was was obviously of a middle aged male. Does it REALLY serve the public interest to put out confusing messages, when looking for a suspect on the loose?

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Ferreri will not respond to emails about gender. I need to visit her in person I guess.

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