Has Widdowson mentioned the term COLLUSION in her arbitration (?) --- otherwise known as a Judicial Proceeding "d", according to the legal definition/description of "judicial proceeding"-s in Section 118. of The Criminal Code of Canada --- since that term places the onus on Mount Royal and their lawyer or lawyers in a Judicial Proceeding d., before an "arbitrator or umpire".

I mentioned that she should use that expression in a comment of January 17th in response to her January 9th post [Background for the Arbitration of the #FrancesWiddowsonCase (January 16-27, 2023, Calgary, Alberta)] at her website. According to Alberta's Arbitration Act, a Court may stay a proceeding brought to Court if that matter is the subject of an Arbitration Proceeding, according to Section 7. (1) of that Act. However, according to Section 7. (2) of The Arbitration Act, the Court may refuse to stay such a Court Proceeding if the subject matter of the arbitration is quote:

7. (2) (e) the matter in dispute is a proper one for default or summary judgment.

Collusion in relation to any sort of Judicial Proceeding is a matter of/for summary judgment. So even if she loses the arbitration Frances can still say the word "collusion" on a potential appeal of the Arbitration, should it go against her. However, it would be much better to say the word at and/or during her arbitration.

People, like Brian Giesbrecht (? spelling), Hymie Rubenstein and Frances Widdowson have been proving collusion in relation to the "indigenization industry" since before the so-called "discovery" of unmarked graves in well-known, but neglected graveyards and cemeteries, where children's remains were not placed in unmarked graves, but, rather, the grave-markers disappeared because of neglect and failure to maintain those graveyards or cemeteries over decades of years of utter neglect.

Dr. Scott Hamilton's 2015 report, provided "in confidence" to the 3 Truth and Reconciliation Commissioners (entitled "Where are the Children Buried?"), provided indigenous activists with a literal checklist of graveyards to bogusly "discover" where time and neglect had resulted in unmarked graves which had been formerly marked. For example, just recently, someone "discovered" unmarked graves near St. Mary's Residential School in or near Kenora Ontario. You can go to the TRC website and literally see a photograph of the MARKED graves at St. Mary's --- before the grave markers disappeared due to neglect. Several photographs described as Figure 40 in the companion illustrations to Dr. Hamilton's written Report feature obviously marked graves with some young Catholics maintaining an individual grave site in one of the photographs at URL


The illustrations were uploaded to the TRC in May of 2021. But the 3 Truth and Reconciliation Commissioners received them before the close of the Commission in 2015, which Hamilton, himself, proved to me in June of 2021. Quote:

Wed, Jun 9, 2021 at 11:04 AM

Hello all

Sorry for the delayed response since I have been in and out of meetings all day.

The 2015 report I produced as a summary document prepared for the TRC to aid in the development of their Calls to Action and Reports released later that year... The research and reporting was produced under conditions of confidentiality, and in the situation of all such federal commissions, the 'commissioners' are the authors of record of all such reporting. My report remained confidential until it was decided to release it on the NCTR website about a week and a half ago.

No journalist would know of the background reports nor my work for the TRC prior to the release of that report.... While the TRC published reports spoke of the minimum numbers of children who died in the schools, the point was strongly made that this represented a base minimum deriving from the incomplete records available at that time.... in 2015 that number was a little over 3100 names... Subsequent work with the records apparently has found reference to an additional 800 names, bringing the minimum total up to about 4000... The NCTR website also provides a list of names of children who are missing... that is, they did not return home... we don't know their fate. It is likely that this list is incomplete too.

The bottom line is that it has been known for some time that children died in care of the schools. I suspect that a range of communicable diseases are the most likely cause, but the written records are not comprehensive nor authoritative in that regard. For those of you who have reviewed my original report, I should note that the supporting illustrations are also included on the NCTR site, but the most commonly used link seems to be directing people to just the text of the report and not the separate illustrations document. please follow url https://nctr.ca/records/reports/ to see both the text and illustrations links.

It is true that the recent news deriving from Kamloops has had a national and international impact that was not seen in 2015 when the TRC released their report volumes. My perspective is to think that a fair bit of misinformation is included in the headlines and some of the stories. The challenge is how to offer up what we do know without contributing to retraumatization of survivors and families of the deceased... I know nothing about the recent work done at Kamloops so I have been careful to not talk about that story, and instead focus on the results of my analysis from 6 years ago.


Scott Hamilton


So there is not only collusion in relation to Widdowson's university cancellation, but also in relation to billions of dollars of "reconciliation" payments to former residential, day-school and "60's Sweep" persons and to (most importantly) their lawyers --- who haven't proved anything legally!

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Case of nurse Amy Hamm and of course that of Jordan Peterson mirror that of Frances. People being cancelled for candid, independent thought. How fettered free speech in Canada has become!

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All the best to Frances in her battle!

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