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The Unmarked Graves Boondoggle

A parents letter to People for Education

Why is pornographic material still in school libraries?

Indian Residential School Records

Decolonization, the latest school fad

The Z-Cup Bandit and the Halton District School Board are an International Story

Why I Speak Out

The Counter-Woke Resistance

School Stonewalls Parent Concerned with Gender Ideology

Subversion of Meaning

“Land Acknowledgments” in Peel Schools

Common Misconceptions of the Indian Residential School System

Indigenous Suffering is the Point

Is the Osoyoos Indian Band really a financial success?

Legacy Media Cowardice & Impotent Woke School Boards Are to Blame

Ontario’s Kindergarteners as Critical Theorists

The False Claims of Indigenous Genocide

Waking Up To School Violence

The Special Interlocutor and the Odds of Future Reconciliation

Critical Injustice

From Race Relations came Race Agitation

ETFO Recommends Gender Lessons for Your 5 Year Old

The Genesis of Race Relations

Race Radicalism in America

From Police Brutality to Race Relations

The Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

The Original Sins of Wokeness

Stratified Justice and the Punishment of Canada

Charting the Great Illiberal Subversion in Canadian Education

Rallying Support for Anti-Woke Trustee Candidates

The Genocidal Mindset of the Canadian Left

Seeking the Truth About Residential Schools

The Orange Tide and the Horrors Beneath Its Surface

The Antisemitism of the Canadian Left

A Funny Thing Happened on the way to The Hague

The National Gathering on Unmarked Graves claims to be "Supporting the Search & Recovery of Missing Children"

Letter To Trustee Candidates

When Killers Are Victims, Too

Will We Know What We Had After It's Gone?

The Small Group Of Canadians Fighting Back Against Radical Ideology In Schools

Jagmeet Singh has become a ghostly reminder of the Kamloops Kid

Importing the Perception of Systemic Racism into Canada

Bad Medicine

In 1959 Indigenous Leaders Wished To Expand The Indian Residential School System

Will indigenous leaders now apologize to Pope Francis?

The Saga Of Canada's Contentious Unmarked Graves Continues

Racial Hystericism Rewritten

Unmarked Graves: Money or Justice?

The Dividing Lie

Decolonize: But only Sometimes

The Sun Sets on Science in Canada

The Dark Side Of Colour-Blindness

The Peel District School Board’s New Anti-Racism Policy

A Canadian Teacher Who Won't Be Bullied

'Settler', the Negative Canadian Identity

Big Surprise! Teaching That White People Have Privilege Does Harm

Why we need the word ‘Woke’

The Particularism Of First Nations Healthcare

Teacher Professional Learning: Critical Theory in the Classroom

Concerned Father Confronts School Board With Pornographic Images From School's Own Libraries

'A New Day' is No Canada Day

A Narrative Reversal Like No Other

When Justice Becomes Just Us

Bill C-4: Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis

A Moral Chimera

The Socially Corrosive Myth Of Indigenous Genocide

What’s Going On With Unmarked Graves In Canada?

When Grievance Produces Wealth, More Grievance Gets Produced

Before We Talk About The Indigenous And Alcohol

Raising The "Critical Consciousness" Of Hamiltonians


Good Canadians Hunted In The Name Of Anti-Hate

UnWoke Essay Series: Scaffolds & Sophistry

When The Red Guard Came For Senator Beyak

Exploring The Grievance Pathway Of Anti-Racism

Intimidation Masquerading As Virtue Is Chilling Free Speech

Even Chemistry Profs Get Cancelled

The Unknown Truth Of Canada's Residential School System

Woke Politics In Schools Is The Problem

A Woke Teacher Complains About Oppressive Structures In High School Basketball

The Messianic Fervour Of Anti-Racism

CRT and Gender Ideology on Steroids

The Race Essentialism of Ultra Woke Ontario Schools

Re-Evaluating Canada’s (Un)Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Safe Health Care For BIPOC Means Less White Health Care Workers?

The End Of Sunny Ways

Postcolonial Theory and Indigenous Traditional Knowledge

The Corruption Of Canada’s Indigenous Victim Industry

The Resentment And Fragility Of Anti-Racism

How the Convoy Protest and Covid intersect with wokeness

The Risk In Teaching Out Of The Box

Open Letter: Waterloo Region District School Board

Critical Social Justice Ideology in Education

Who Controls the Past?

Mount Royal University, the Conceit of Genocide and the Condemnation of Canada