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An Inconsistent Pattern of Condemnation

When Women Abuse Their Unearned Power

When the Abused Becomes the Abuser

Watch out, it is not over!

How UNDRIP Jumped the Shark on the Graves of Innocents

The Hatred of Israel

From Far and Wide


Powell River’s name change process impedes truth and reconciliation, panel claims

Surprise! The TDSB stands its ground against Ultra woke Parents of Black Children

Israel Wood Powell and the Cancel Mob

The Professional Regulation of Anti-Woke Satire

How the Wisdom in the Writings of the Novelist George Eliot Can Inform Views of the Indigenous Situation in Canada

What Did Jesus Really Say?

Lord Arthur James Balfour: The Accidental Zionist Who Changed…Everything

The Double Standard that Protects Muslim Feelings

Essential Books on Indigenous Issues and Indian Residential Schools

Why did the Edmonton Public School Board encourage families to fill out a survey about a new Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Policy if the results didn’t seriously interest them?

Stand up for Canadian Children

High School Exams

Good Riddance to the Former Ontario Education Minister

A devastating loss

“Reconciliation Education”- Part 8

The most homophobic parade!

The Novelist Anthony Trollope as a Guide and Moral Support for an Unpopular Political Argument

Presentations from the Parents Rights Summit

The Color Game

Breaking the Fourth Wall

The peddling of Canada’s Indigenous mass grave and genocide libels

“Reconciliation Education”- Part 7

National Parents Rights Spring Virtual Summit

They were Children. We are Taxpayers.

“Reconciliation Education”- Part 6

The Kamloops Guilt Trip, Three Years On

James Pew's Guest Appearance on Viewpoints

Following the Canadian Heritage-Belittling Crowd

Historical ignorance and willful blindness are driving pro-Hamas demonstrations

The Spiral of Silence

The Little Gaza Camp That Could

On Bears, Reincarnation and How Apparently the "Racial Reckoning" is Decidedly Over

Canada is finding out what Reconciliation really means

Arrogant national chief distorts history of indigenous headdresses

Fake Teachers and Fake Marks

The Supreme Court Strips Charter Rights of Indigenous Canadians

Show solidarity, with whom exactly?

There is no "woke right"

Were Residential Schools A Tragedy?

What do Conservatives say about Indigenous Policy?

Black Creek Pioneer Village Renaming

The Canadian Scopes Monkey Trial

The Anti-Semitic PDSB Catastrophe

Diversity, our destructive doom

“Reconciliation Education”- Part 5

Residential School Recrimination, Repentance, and Reconciliation

Who Sterilized Me?

Violence in Peel District School Board Schools

“Reconciliation Education”- Part 4

An Open Letter to Municipal Councillors of Quesnel, BC

Taking over Canada

Empathy or Totalitarianism?

Why are Alberta public schools working with the Fyrefly Institute?

Widdowson Takes Quesnel

“Reconciliation Education”- Part 3

Chanel Pfahl and the Ohana Dramah

“A crown of thorns placed on his head; He knew that He would soon be dead”

Defending Grave Error

Crisis in Quesnel

“Reconciliation Education”- Part 2

Quesnel city councillors are suppressing the truth, claim the editors of Grave Error

“Reconciliation Education”- Part 1

Amy Eileen Hamm Vs BCCNM - Breakdown PLUS Anni Ohana BC Brainwashing Teacher

An Open Letter Urging Immediate Disengagement from the Largely Discredited WPATH

Outrage over Grave Error

How the TDSB manufactured racism

Should We Believe Survivors?

Compensating Criminals and Punishing Patriots!

Gender Ideology Collapsing in Scandal - The WPATH Files & Junk Science

Challenging the assertion that "The reality of Indian Residential Schools was neglect and abuse"

A Profound Public Health Scandal

The Rise of Queer Marxism in Canada

Fulcrum and Pivot

Gender Affirming Nightmare

No, Black Men Are Not Inherently More Violent

The Radical Canadians who made Education "Critical"

Critical Theory-Shmeory

Letter to Member of Provincial Parliament

School Book Burners Strike Again This Week

Fight back against white supremacy claims in Canadian schools!

The cruel hand of a patriot

Is Doug Ford’s PC Government Finally Standing Up to Woke Lies?

“Truth: Mass Grave Hoax. Reconciliation: Redeem Sir John A’s Integrity"

Queen of the TERFs, Posie Parker, Attacks Canadian GCs - Her Toxic Teen-Girl Tactics

History ain't dead, it just smells funny

There’s a Teacher Shortage in Ontario

The Double Standard on Indigenous Violence

Demystifying Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Denounce Church Burnings and Stop the On-going Desecration of Graves in Historic Catholic Community Graveyard at Blue Quills First Nation

Defending the West

The Peel District School Board Claims to Hire Based on Merit

I am a NIMBY

Why You Shouldn't Believe Yourself

The Child Grooming Process

Biting the Hand that Feeds

Don't Like Black History Month?

Boundaries for Trans Activists & for Kids - Danielle Smith's Historic Alberta Announcement

Why Indigenous Land Acknowledgments are Harmful to the Public Interest

May his name and legacy never be forgotten

Just Don’t Salute!

How Schools Sexualize Children

National Parents Rights Virtual Summit 2024

Widdowson Takes U of A!

Swimsuit Models Dry Up Subscribers after Jordan Peterson Warns & Dude Makes waves at Girls Swim Comp

Ontario Ed is still Obsessed with Racism

What Canadians can learn from X

Hey Kid, Want Some Candy? Shocking Arrest of Pride Prez & New Ottawa Gender Clinic Soaks Taxpayers

Canada: Why I filed an ethics complaint against an 'Antifa government lawyer'

Don’t They Teach Historical Context at School Anymore?

Canada's police are not helping

Lies, damn lies and Haaretz

Radical Trans Activist Flo, Appointed to UN Panel - Coast-To-Coast Protests & A.I.


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