Sitemap - 2023 - Woke Watch Canada Newsletter

A Message of Peace

Canadians Are Now Fighting For Their Culture

Leaked Educator Brainwashing Toolkit, Teacher Firing & Vile AB Abo Transgender Offender Re-Arrested

The Rise of Independent Canadian Researchers

Ballsy Perp "Melody" (50) in Teen Girls' Swim Comp & Why We say Kids are Being Indoctrinated

Historical Injustice & Class Action Settlements

Western Nations See a Decline in Test Scores for 15-Year-Olds

Who Will Join Me In The Prisoners’ Dock?

988 Cannot Replace O’Canada

Dramatic Car Chase in BC Protest & Pitt Meadows School Calls Cops on Parent over Libs of TikTok Post

The Farcical Saga of the Math Test for New Teachers Continues

Thank you Carolyn

Game-Changing Legal Ruling: Victory for GC Teacher & Parents - Anti-SLAPP Smackdown

Canadian First Nations, “Settlers,” and Palestine

THE LIAR’S Little Stings

Shocking MB Hospital Transing 10 year old; Meghan Murphy provokes Attacks & Mobbing; & End of WPATH

An Open Letter to the Centre for Human Rights Research, University of Manitoba

Harm Seduction

Toronto Star Report on Destreaming is Inaccurate

Explosive AB Gender News, Amy Hamm Hearings and Pierre Poilievre's Bombshell Statement

No one Wins a war, we are never the same after

Remembrance Day: the Eleventh Hour

Remembrance Day is a Conundrum for Ontario School Boards

The Rise of Progressive Antisemitism

Harsha, Harsha, Harsha.

Yes, The University is an Indoctrination Camp!

BC Witch Trial: Dr. James Cantor testifies & Amy Hamm takes the stand + Durham Parents Breakthrough

Registered Clinical Counsellors in BC Raise Concerns over the New Health Professions and Occupations Act (HPOA) & Standards of Practice

The dangerous rhetoric of activists

I am a Jew…so are you

Complete the Peel District School Board Survey

The history of Jews, Palestinians and Israel - Part 4

Chaotic Rollout of “De-streamed” High School Courses Continues

Witch Trial of Amy Hamm, Smears by CBC's Jon Montpetit and Woke School Trustee Carin Bondar

The many faces of conformity

Confronting Indian Residential School Confabulation and Media Irresponsibility

The YRDSB is a hive of Social Justice activism

Has justice been obstructed at Kamloops?

The history of Jews, Palestinians and Israel - Part 3

Witch Trial, Assault in Nanaimo + Special Guest: Eva Kurilova on Egale Canada, +Million4Children

The history of Jews, Palestinians and Israel - Part 2

The history of Jews, Palestinians and Israel - Part 1

NHL Pride Ban, Egale Canada & Violent Social Justice Exposed! Union Grievances & Decolonization

Israel, Islam and Settler Colonialism

The Peel District School Board’s Director distributes a Cowardly Response to Palestinian Terror Attacks

Canada cannot operate on a “Nation to Nation” basis with the Indians

Disturbing Revelations of Queer Theorists' Agenda

Canadian trustee supports terrorist atrocities

Reflecting on milestones and cool people

School board shows true colours

Zooming and Grooming at the PDSB

The Pathological Pretentious Performance of Acknowledgements

Yay, more alphabet fun

The Indian Residential School Research Group

Double Mastectomy Data & Notwithstanding in Saskatchewan

What age should kids learn about "felching?"

The truth about Orange Shirt Day

It seems like a fog: A courageous teacher speaks out

Exclusive Access: Biggest Week in the Gender Wars in Canadian History

The Most Important Story to Teach Children

Yes, schools are indoctrinating kids!

The Nasty Business of Deletion

Where was Pierre Poilievre?

It was a great day for Canadian parents

PDSB Director Misrepresents Protests Against Gender Ideology

The union meeting of the radicals

Unions seek to "demoralize" parents

Bookgate: Controversy at the Peel District School Board

The Review of the Peel District School Board Strikes Again

The magic of books we read to kids

Conservatives Adopt Gender Critical Stance With Big Vote in Quebec City -

Guatemalan Forensic Team Have a Conflict of Interest and Must Not Work On Canadian Soil

From "Double Consciousness" to "Double Crossed"

The Jordan Peterson Centre for Commissars Who Can’t Read Good

Gender Wars - Angus Reid Poll: No More Secrets

Special Interlocutor has No Authority to Demand Criminalization of Residential School Factualism

Ding Dong, the Witch is…Fired

Why do I do this?

Canadian Gender Wars Report Now a Podcast! Summer's Biggest Gender-Wars Story & more

Were Indian Residential Schools Cauldrons of Abuse?

When Family History Turns out to be Family Myth-tery

Ontario’s Ministry of Education has “No Policy” on Child Gender Dysphoria

Do white people have ethnic interests?

Last line of pretence

Refuting Gender Theory: a Disenchantment

Is this what we want?

Every Living Child Matters Most of All

The Kojo Institute and Antiracism in Canada

The Peel District School Board’s Anti-Racism Policy is a Disaster

The power of indigenous data sovereignty

Senate Testimony Reveals Missing Children’s Names and Graves are on

The Sun-docs and The Smoggies

Open letter to People for Education

After all no matter what

Search without a cause

We need to find a middle ground for all families

Cancellation and the void

The tragedy of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Rare Earth Minerals War Without Rules in Canada

The Small Overton Window on Political Slogans

Education, Enlightenment, and School Story

New Zealand's Maori Child Welfare Problem

Benevolence and Malevolence

Canada’s Indigenous People Must Stand Up Against China’s Uyghur Genocide

Soft bigotry leads to hard suffering

The Sammy kids, and others

Reconsidering Reconciliation: Weighing Canada's successes and failures

“No Pride in Genocide”

Canada’s Apartheid Manifesto

It’s Not the Standard. It’s the Double Standard.

Fluff Piece from Torstar Media Corp

Oh! Canada, truly not strong nor free!

Canada’s book-burning temperature is far lower than Fahrenheit 451

Skin(ny) in the Game

Manufacturing a Genocide

The Long Telegram

The colours of the rainbow, not pretty in the sky

Outlier Among Outliers - The Most Hated Candidate in Last Year's Ontario Elections

The doctor won’t see you now

The Forgotten Tuberculosis Plague

School Board’s Refusal to Fly Pride Flags Represents a Rejection of Gender Ideology, Not Gay and Transgender People

Woke is Marxism adapted for the West

The Threat to Education: Unmasking the Influence of "Woke" Ideologies

Moving the Needle in the Gender Wars

The one and only Flag, the Canadian Flag

Listen to Residential School Survivors and Also Ask for Evidence

Enemies, frenemies and religious hegemonies

The Origins of Socialism

Teachers Leave Them Kids Alone

Challenging Murray Sinclair on the Residential School Narrative

Parents Rights Day of Action

Holding Out for a Hero

He-man womun hater’s snub

The man who saved the Plains Indians

Letters From The Front - The Rainbow Offensive

Every child matters, Or do they?

Equal Treatment will Never Placate Critical Theory Activists

Bill 98- An attempt to fix but destined to fail

Open Letter to BCACC and CCPA

Divorcing Trans Activism - Crazy Just Keeps Coming

Tradition and contrition

Supreme Court Validates Abuse Tactics of Radical Trans Activists: Name-Calling, Defamation, Cancelling Now Protected in Law in Shocking Decision

A teacher's request to amend Bill 98

Is Critical Theory on the Wane in North America?

Canadian Parents Over the Rainbow, Josh Alexander in Cuffs in Calgary & a Premiere Raises Questions

TDSB Trustees- you have a responsibility

The unacceptable secrets of Canadian school boards

MAiD in Canada: A road to hell?

Keeping secrets from parents

Unmarked or Mass Graves? Epidemic or Genocide?

NB Sex-Ed Review, Drag Camp for Kids: & Trans Cry-bullies: One-Trick Bronies

OCDSB In Trouble With the Police

Teacher’s Open Letter to Education Minister Stephen Lecce

Manichean medicine: patient-saint, patient-sinner

Woke Is Not Right


Tragedy, Absurdity, Farce & Institutional Horror in BC Gender News

Who Regulates the Regulator?

Peer-reviewed propaganda: The new mission of scientific and medical journals

People for Education is now People for Indoctrination

Canoe Sheds, Truth, and Reconciliation

Gender Activists and Normies Schedule June Face Off in Ottawa & There Ain't Enough Room in Town for Both

Anti-Christian rhetoric and the creation of the safe LGBTQ space

Parents continue to be disappointed with the performance of the GECDSB

Apology Psychology: The Sorry State of a Canadian Quirk

Are we too embarrassed of ourselves to teach Canadian history?

The Essential Humanity of the Migrators to Canada

Questions Will NOT be Entertained! - Woke School Board Debates Official Policy to Silence Parents & more...

What are the Ontario Education Ministry's intentions?

Law Society Of Ontario Elections - Action Needed Today!

Ontario Introduces Legislation to Take Greater Control over Education

MAiD in Canada: A Dying Shame

Parent’s Farewell Letter to Ottawa Public School

Reflections on Reflections: The Relevance of the Writings of Edmund Burke to the Passage, Interpretation and Implementation of Section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982

Gender Wars: Mob Rules & Revolution or Fair Play - Splashes, Skirmishes & Battles

Canadian schools are indoctrination factories

The Queen’s Stakes

When Narrative Writes Its Own Scripts

Exceptional parent & teacher delegations to learn by

Gender Wars: The macrocosm of abuse

Anti-Asian racism on full display at the GECDSB

The Twin Inversions of Activist Teachers

Hating and grating: The Nili Kaplan-Myrth effect

The people in the story of Canada

Transgenderism 101: A Guide for Teachers

Feminism and the Janus-Face of Modern Politics

An environment programmed for irrationality

From violent rainbow principals to Trans Vengeance Day to self-harassment while blaming others

The Anti-Woke Movement doesn’t know what it is yet

When the woke double down

Agents of subversion: Can liberalism sustain itself?

Why is the PDSB gutting Special Education?

Canada's elites have killed Champlain's Dream

Gender Wars: Canadian Conservatives concerned with trans activists, school social transition polices, and the medicalization of children

Special Education Reform in the Peel District School Board

Ottawa school board silences and slanders parents who question gender ideology

The preventable violence in Toronto schools

On empathy and its discontents

The Derogatory Use of ‘Denialist’

What the hell is the point of Woke Watch Canada?

Gender Wars: Cheers to Psycho Technology - Ottawa Panel Featuring Chocolate Shill and Male-bodied Cancel Cultist announced: "Ask a Woman Anything" AND Rising Voice of Inclusion

When hate crimes break from the "white supremacy" narrative

The Ontario College of Teachers and their Relentless Pursuit of Ideological Conformity

Parents ask for Christian Flag to be raised during Easter

Systemic symptoms: Privilege and advantage in “antiracist” medicine

The Utopian Whimsy: Left Politics of Nowhere in the Here and Now

Black radicals who lie about racism

Gender Wars: Trans women are trans women regardless of what Sir Virtue Signals with Blackface says

Race-based privileges, lower academic achievement, and disorderly schools

Parents pushback hard in Western Canada

Of gods and (medicine) men

Parents Voice Concern over Lifted PDSB Supervision

Promoting normativity while discrediting Queer Theory

History is complicated. Let's teach the complexity

Parents push for professionalism at the Halton school board

Gender Wars: Hershey's & International Women's Day both Sell Out to Equity - Not Sweet

A deeper look at the PDSB's “Black Student Success Strategy”

Why do Iranian trans policies look so much like Western progressive ones?

The Last Word on Black History Month in Canada - Fifty Years of Open Arms and Opportunity

The PDSB's black student success strategy

A Brief History of Intersectionality

Parent called "white supremacist" for supporting police in schools

Gender Wars: Heavyweight Weakling With Unstable Identity Steals Woman's Podium Spot in National Power Lifting Competition - Can't be Moved to Fair Play

From A-Z to He-Zie: Welcome to woke education

Fired for not being sufficiently histrionic

Strategies for not woke parents fed up with radical ideology in education

Amy Eileen Hamm and patient-centered reality

The Frances Widdowson interview and the CBC documentary on "residential school denialism"

Which is the most dysfunctional school board in Ontario: GECDSB or WRDSB?

The week in dysfunctional woke school boards

Residential schools: How half-truths (at best) morph into outright lies

The term "White Supremacy" is a derogatory reference to Canada's majority population

GENDER WARS: "F*ck ME!" We're talking about TikTok Tourette-Like Tics' & a Giant Meltdown over Plastic Boobs

School board disappoints parents: The continued failure to provide solutions over trans teacher's outrageous attire

Trial by Trustees: The “wokeplace” mobbing of Trustee Linda Stone

Will Canadians stand with Josh Alexander?

White coat sanctimonies

Ed symposium insists on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Jedi Mind Tricks, Hypnosis, and the Koans of Transgender Indoctrination

GENDER WARS: Trans identifying males in female spaces, and a Catholic student "excluded" for religious beliefs

PDSB Director of Education Presents Second Annual Equity Accountability Report Card

Public school vendors hijacking wokeness for profit

Only woke principals to be recruited: the PDSB is embarrassing itself again

Frances Widdowson takes Lethbridge University

The Untold Story of Indigenous Child Neglect and Alcohol Abuse – The Firewater Complex

How to make a financial contribution to Woke Watch Canada

GENDER WARS: Gender Transitioning kids, School Rainbow Campaigns & Parent's Right To be Informed

Parents bullied and disrespected at school board meeting

Why does Social Justice Create Injustice?

The PDSB is Back Under the Control of the Democratically Elected Trustees

A Consequential Day for Free Speech

Totalitarianism is on the move: We need to fight back with everything that we have

The Federal Government’s Heedless and Unprincipled Giveaway of Billions of Taxpayer Dollars to Legally Undeserving Aboriginal Litigation Claimants

Essays & Timeless Stories

Woke Supervisor Hands Back Control of the Peel District School Board

Building A Forbidden Library: The Most Important Anti-Woke Books

What To Do About Woke Education?

Why Is Situation Widdowson So Compelling?

Frontier Centre may sue for malicious misrepresentation

What’s Wrong with Woke Education?

The Most Important Anti-Woke Books

Confronting Activist Myths: Decolonization, and the Spirit of the Times

The Kafkaesque “Trial” Of Professor Frances Widdowson

The Consequences of Anti-Police Rhetoric

A "few bad apples" does not a "systemic racism" make

Reinvesting in the police

Does sexually explicit material in school libraries K-12 make children less safe?

Adding To The Picture

In Defence of Free Speech: Ontario Teacher Stands with Dr Jordan Peterson

Reaping Postmodernism’s Violent Whirlwind

First Nations Greed and Corruption

Jordan Peterson does not need re-education

Grievance and Victimhood

Integration, Forced Assimilation, or Genocide

The Recycled Ideas of a Mass Murderer